Candee in Hangers

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100% Biodegradable

Plant Based

Non-Toxic & Non-Persistent

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No Persistent Plastic

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We replace oil-based plastics currently used for hangers that break down into micro plastics, with plant-based polymers that break down to biomass, water, and carbon dioxide.

  • unique new bio material for hanger producttion
  • 100% biodegradable
  • blend of plant-based* polymers
  • breaks down to biomass, water, and carbon dioxide
  • time-initiated biodegradation appropriate to product requirements
  • non-toxic and non-polluting
  • replaces fossil-based plastic hangers
  • replaces PLA-based plastic hangers
  • bespoke designs possible

* note: some of the biopolymers used by Candee in the creation of our unique blended materials still have some elements of biodegradable fossil ingredients, however all feedstock partners have R&D programs that are already delivering new versions of the biopolymers that have removed 98% of fossil content from the biopolymer family selected by Candee for its blended materials.

Hangers, large scale print and 3D printing are our current focusses in the retail industry but we’re always looking for new and innovative ways in which we can apply Candee.  The possibilities are endless, join the sustainability revolution!

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